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Global Talent Internships

For Employers and Businesses

Why host an intern?

  • Our programme exposes you to the global talent you may not have considered​.

  • We’ll find you an intern that complements your organisational needs​.

  • You’ll provide the opportunity for the intern to showcase their talents and improve their future employment prospects.​

Did you know?

  • 30% of former refugees arrive in New Zealand with tertiary qualifications.

  • Many go on to earn degrees and post-graduate qualifications from NZ tertiary institutions.

  • Qualifications and professional experience in skill shortages= areas e.g. business, IT, medical, engineers, accountants, designers.

  • Most job seekers are aged 18-49 years old.


About the Global Talent Internship programme

Clients and customers require services that cater to their diverse needs and smart employers know that staff with global talent give their business an edge over the competition.  

The process of finding and hosting interns in an organisation can be complicated. The Global Talent Internship programme makes the process streamlined.

To assist prospective interns and organisations, HOST has initiated the global talent internship programme. 


We will provide you with information and support to reduce any issues.


What we do

  • We focus on a strengths-based narrative about the contribution of new Kiwis​

  • We believe collaboration is key​

  • We provide a global internship programme to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers​

  • We discuss with you the details of your business and what type of internship could work for you

  • We provide you with details about suitable interns

  • We facilitate introductions and set clear expectations to start you off on your internship journey

Internship Process

For Jobseekers

How to apply?

Once we are ready to take on new applications for internships, 

we will make the application process information available on this site.


Who can apply for the
Global Talent programme?

Jobseekers from refugee and migrant backgrounds who hold a tertiary qualification.


What is the Global Talent
programme about?

  • A first step to opening the doors to employment for tertiary qualified people from refugee backgrounds.

  • A chance to practically apply your skills and knowledge obtained either in your home country or from a New Zealand University.


Why join the

  • Gain practical New Zealand work experience

  • Have a New Zealand referee for future job applications

  • Gain an understanding of Kiwi work culture

  • Have an opportunity to put your skills into practice

  • Build new professional networks 

  • Increase your confidence in working in Aotearoa New Zealand

How long is an
internship for?

Internships can range between six weeks to three months, could be full-time or part-time depending on the nature of the internship.


HOST will discuss requirements with interested employers and jobseekers once a suitable internship becomes available.

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