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Juan Isaza

Program Support Refugee Sponsorship

Juan arrived in New Zealand a year and a half ago at the end of 2020. Since arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand, he has had the opportunity to volunteer in the community where he developed a deeper understanding about the challenges faced by refugees. His goal is to become a point of support for the refugee community in search of a proper adaptation to their new life in New Zealand.

Juan is originally from Colombia and has also lived in Ecuador and Mexico. His work experience is mainly in the private sector and customer service.

He greatly admires the multiculturalism of Aotearoa New Zealand and believes that a better society can be created when we all seek to understand our differences and cooperate to help each other in times of difficulty.

Juan dedicates his free time to writing short stories about different topics. He loves studying and doing exercise. Also, he enjoys quality time with those he loves.

Juan Isaza


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