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Step into your Future

The programme is designed to bring together jobseekers, keep them motivated and encouraged, and help them develop peer support networks. 

We can offer job preparation workshops for former refugees and migrants designed to help them get familiarised with NZ employment. The programme consists of four half-day sessions incorporating writing a professional CV and cover letter, job interviews, workplace communication, NZ working style and Kiwi culture.


We are currently developing additional services that offer longer-term support where we can work alongside you to develop a career plan, identify the resources you need to activate that plan (such as skills you have or need and networks to build) and identify strategies to maintain motivation and persistence – working alongside you on your employment and career journey.

Past Projects

Work Savvy Programme

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“There were so many things I needed to work on when I started the course, [which] I have now started to use in my workplace. I am more confident I have a clearer idea about what I want to do next. Time commitment was a big thing, having kids and working in the community.


[Another participant/a jobseeker] and I had different opinions. She felt that the way it [the course] was presented was more directed at people at in the workplace. I said to her ‘[When I was] a jobseeker, I wish I had this knowledge before I got into the workplace’.”

Participant, Work Savvy programme

The Work Savvy programme aims to provide a learning experience that is useful and relevant for your life as a busy professional.

The Work Savvy programme for women and girls from refugee backgrounds focuses on developing leadership skills.


The programme is run in partnership between HOST International Aotearoa and Savvy Up. 

Live Workshops: Engaging and interactive virtual workshops with thought leaders and experts in their fields. 


Peer Coaching and Action-Learning Forums: Opportunity for participants to reflect and share learnings virtually with others in a learning community.


Monthly e-Courses: Engaging, bite-sized microlearning that participants can access from their mobile devices; includes on-the-job tasks and reflection.


Community of Practice: Peer discussion via online platform on key learnings.

We are currently exploring further programmes

alongside Savvy Up for 2023. Watch this space!

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