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When you are ready to submit your Approved Sponsor Application for the

Community Refugee Sponsorship programme, please check the Sponsorship Journey page

and Phase One Toolkit to ensure you have everything you need to apply.

As an approved sponsor, your organisation must show they have the skills and knowledge to support vulnerable people.



Approved community organisations will be responsible for the provision of community orientation from arrival and settlement assistance and services to sponsored refugees for up to two years after arrival in New Zealand.


It is important your group or organisation has evidence of sufficient funds or a fundraising strategy to plan for the sponsored refugee families’ initial settlement needs. A programme budget will be required.

Although families in this programme are permanent New Zealand residents and can apply for Work and Income support, approved sponsors need to think about how they can help with additional settlement costs.




Approved community organisations will be responsible for finding suitable private accommodation for the sponsored refugee(s) before they arrive in New Zealand.

Approved sponsor organisations will need to cover the initial costs of accommodation, but are not required to pay rent for the duration of the sponsorship time. Sponsor organisations will need to provide core furniture and other household goods on the sponsored refugee’s arrival in New Zealand.


Your organisation also needs evidence of experience working with refugees or other vulnerable people.


Approved community organisations need to have the networks and connections across the community to support refugees to live fulfilling and meaningful lives in New Zealand.


As an approved sponsor, you need to connect refugees to te ao Māori and the history of mana whenua. This is an important part of cultivating shared cultural understanding.

Source: Immigration New Zealand

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