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Refugees need your help to get to safety in New Zealand


We are excited that you are considering sponsoring a refugee in your local community.


We hope that you will find the information you need to make an informed decision.

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PHASE 1: Application Process.

PHASE 2: Approval Process.

The group meets with HOST Aotearoa New Zealand to receive information and advice on the application and preparation process

STEP 1: Get in touch with the team at HOST Aotearoa NZ

We are very excited to support you through the application process. It may seem challenging, but preparation is key to your success, and we are here to work alongside you.

The group applying completes the  prerequisites for approval:
child protection training, police clearance, settlement plan, financial evidence

STEP 2: Complete pre-requisites for sponsoring organisation

1. Application Form:


Complete the Refugee Sponsorship Approved Community Organisation Application Form.

You will need to supply evidence of your organisation’s legal status.

2. Settlement Plan:


Complete all sections of the Refugee Sponsorship Settlement Plan Form.


While working through the settlement plan, think about who will be responsible for which aspects of the Refugee Sponsorship Programme once approved.

You will need to show that members of the group have the relevant experience or expertise, or that you have linked with others in your area who can provide it.


You can find information on each section of the Settlement Plan on our Settlement Planning Guide pages.


Please note: If you are planning to nominate a refugee or refugee family for resettlement, and wish to support several refugees/refugee families, you must submit a settlement plan for each refugee/refugee family.

3. Finance:


Provide financial information and prepare a budget for the Refugee Sponsorship Programme to evidence that you can support a refugee family for two years.


For further guidelines on developing a budget for the Refugee Sponsorship Programme and the financial evidence required, please visit the Finance & Budgeting page.

4. Child Protection:

Along with your Settlement Plan, submit:

  • A Child Protection Statement that outlines the policies and procedures that are in place to manage risks; and

  • Proof of completion of the e-learning programme (copy of Certificate Fundamentals of Child Protection).

Also consider who you are going to appoint as the first point of contact regarding your organisation’s Child Safeguarding Statement.

5. Police Vetting:

Provide evidence of successful completion of the Police vetting process for all staff and volunteers of your group to support working with children and vulnerable adults, are suitable and of good character.

We suggest you start this early on in the process as results may take time to process.

Check the Health, Safety & Wellbeing page for further details. 

The group submits its application to become an Approved Sponsor along with a settlement plan to INZ. Group will signal if they want to name a refugee/refugee family or be matched, and how many people they can support.

STEP 3: And finally - Submit your application!

Send your completed application to:

Immigration New Zealand

You must include ‘Approved Community Organisation’ in the subject line.

Make sure all required documentation is attached:

  1. Completed and signed Approved Community Organisation Application Form.

  2. Completed Settlement Plan(s) One plan for each refugee or refugee family

  3. Budget plan, income and expenditure for the last 3 years, and other financial documents (refer Finance & Budgeting)

  4. Completed Child Protection Statement

  5. Evidence of completed e-learning module (Fundamentals of Child Protection course certificate)

  6. Evidence of completed New Zealand Police Vetting (Police Vetting Report)

PHASE 3: Assessment.

PHASE 2: Approval Process.

Application is prescreened by INZ for quantitative information then assessed by a panel. 


Panel decision time

Once received, Immigration NZ prescreens an application before it goes to the panel for further consideration.  

There is no closing date for applications, however applications will be considered on a rolling basis over the course of the three-year extended pilot (until 30 June 2024). 

The panel will meet regularly to assess applications and decide on Approved Sponsorship Organisations. Timeframes to be advised.

*Panel includes former refugee, mana whenua, HOST Aotearoa NZ and Immigration New Zealand.

PHASE 4: Approval.

Outcomes Agreement signed by Approved Sponsor


Once your application has been considered and it meets the criteria outlined above, you will be notified of your approval in principle.


Before Approved Community Organisation status can be granted, enabling your organisation to nominate or be matched with potential applicant refugees, you will need to enter into a Deed of Agreement for Services with INZ for the provision of settlement services within the required timeframe.


If that does not happen, your application will be declined. 


Once the Deed of Agreement for Services has been signed, you are an approved sponsor in the Refugee Sponsorship Programme. We look forward to working with you in the coming months to prepare for welcoming a refugee/refugee family into your local communities.

We will provide further details shortly.

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